From the outset the Premier South champions Cardiff met made their intentions very clear. They had come to Twickenham for success. In 12.23 seconds we saw Met’s first try with Fullback Elli Norkett’s speed showing too much for Northumbria’s defence. Little less than 6 minutes after met continue this success with number 14 Olivia Archer scoring another speedy try.

Northumbria, despite these early breakthroughs from met did not give in. The game became an equal match of strength, power and skill with both teams having vast amount of possession on the ball. Yet, the exceptionally strong defence from met saw Northumbria end the first half with no points on the board.

The start of the second half saw Cardiff Met leading by 10 points. Little under 2 minutes winger Cerys Ballett crashed down the wing to further Met’s lead a little more.

Shortly after, fly half Joanne Jones chipped the ball over Northumbria’s head to gain a penalty proceeding to an energetic and explosive second try from Norkett.

By this time the grasp of receiving BUCS champions seemed a little too far for Northumbria. However, their continually determination saw them successful when Captain Lisa Cockburn crossed the line from a well-structured maul.

Overall it was clear that Mets speed from the back line was unstoppable by Northumbria’s defence. This supported by the forwards continually retention of the ball lead by number 8, player of the match Olivia Freya Jones who was continually at the heart of the action.

With both teams unsuccessful in converting, the game came down explosive strengths by Met’s forwards and tactical ploys of their backs. Ploys which were just too much for Northumbria’s defence.

Despite, a great and successful season winning all but one game the premier north side were unable to defeat south champions. Thus, leaving met celebrating their 10th BUCS victory. An overall thrilling and exciting game that saw both teams play their hearts out at Twickenham stadium.

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